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Let Us tell you about Ourselves: Our Corporation’s officers have over sixteen years of experience with manufacturers of pumps, drivers and accessories. In the 80’s and the 90’s, the rotating equipment business underwent extensive mergers, and pumps, drivers and accessories changed both their names and sources of supply every three to five years

The common denominator for a good transfer of technology that will result in a satisfied customer, must knows:

  1. How to apply the products to specific field needs.
  2. How to provide accurate and precise pertinent information and Where to look for relevant product.
  3. Knowing: What makes a product reliable?, Where is the product made?, How is it applied and how much should it cost? All are paramount questions that define whether the technology transfer is successful, leaving satisfied, manufacturers and end-users!

In Rotating Equipment Specialists Inc. we:

  • Gather field data, and provide specialized insights into specifications, or data sheets, outlining a scope of supply that maximizes end user benefits.
  • Recommend manufacturers with top quality products.
  • Locate specific specialized products urgently needed by the customer from available standard products.
  • Offer companies in all Latin America & the Caribbean, ready to assist you.

Whether you need to provide us with project’s preliminary data, to start up an existing pump, or to have after sales service, contact us to shape your idea, into a scope of supply that would allow an efficient purchase that you can be proud of.

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